To give people the means to see the world through style and beauty. We get great joy in selling quality handmade jewelry pieces of unique style from all over the world, and yet, jewelry and style is just the tangible expression of something much greater We have a vision that through the pieces we sell, we can give a piece of history, passion and culture that will spread and be touched by the world.


We are passionate in everything we undertake. Our passion for jewelry was born in Valenza, Italy. The world’s capital of handmade fine jewelry by the greatest craftsmen. For us, jewelry has everything to do with art, love, craftsmanship and creativity on one side. And on the other side: with joy, emotions, capturing memories, and playfulness.At Z & T we believe jewelry represents all that is beautiful in different cultures. We are passionate about searching for unique and beautiful pieces for you.


Z&T Jewelry Designs is a division of Hurstorm Corp. Our desire to design a different kind of Jewelry store based not only in jewelry categories, but in pieces from every country we created Z&T jewelry Designs. Our goal is to introduce beautiful hand crafted jewelry designs from different Countries and artist, not just looking for quantities, but for beauty and quality of the designs.